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Meet the Californians called Edge SST

Edge SST is CALI Strong

Bob Marley Rasta T-Shirt from Edge SST
 Edge SST (Sports, Style, Technology) is a California based authentic sports company that provides timeless, innovative, performance and lifestyle products with an emphasis on positive inspiration to "stand for something good".  Edge SST manufactures athletic shoes, apparel, skateboard equipment, stickers and accessories with a motto of “Find the Edge.  Keep the Edge.  Be the Edge”.
CALI Strong Skateboarding
Edge SST is Californians building products for Californians who believe in “Cali Strong”.  We devoted much of our entire product line to this trademarked concept.  California is the 7th largest economy in the world and produces more professional athletes for team sports, action sports and individual sports than any other state or country in the world.  California is considered the "mecca" of sports, fashion, movies, music and technology, which is synonymous with the focus of the Edge SST brand.
Edge SST Tone Rullan
Edge SST believes in the American Dream and believes California represents the pinnacle of that dream.  Our team developed a Made in the USA line called “America – How Big is Your Brave?” that was recently launched in our San Diego Navy based retail locations.  Our company will proudly contribute 5% of the America line profits to the Wounded Warrior Foundation because we believe strongly in supporting those who dedicate and risk their lives to protect our individual freedoms.
Edge SST is a multi-gender, racially diverse team of people that have bonded together to create the next great American brand.  We come from every social stratosphere including the ghetto, a cattle ranch, the plains, and the barrio and have united together sharing the same ideals and dreams.  

Our team has traveled the world, lived in multiple cities, but always returns to the great state of California for the obvious reasons: weather,  ocean, topography, culture, people, but most importantly the lifestyle of the "California Dream".  Our team has experienced glorious days of success beyond imagination as aspiring, hardworking youths and has also experienced the trials and tribulations not unlike most of the American people in the past decade.  Through these trials and errors of “living the life” our team has shown resilience, tenacity and the will to overcome all odds to produce another California success story.  We are bona fide examples of "true" Americans.
The People of Edge SST

Edge SST CALI Strong
Our team consists of superior athletes making extraordinary products designed to the exact specifications of an athlete's true needs.  Our team has extensive experience in the sports and business world including senior management and consulting roles with many iconic companies including Nike, American Express, Oakley, JC Penney, Quiksilver, Kohl’s, Converse, Foot Locker, Adio, Citi-Bank, Bob Marley, New Balance, Pony, Naval Special Warfare Foundation and Ralph Lauren.  Consumers want and need something new from a brand that rebels from the ubiquitous establishment companies that typically monopolize many industries, including the sports world.  America loves the under-dog and revels in the "American Dream" which enables any individual from any background with the right amount of hard work, determination, luck and brashness - a chance to succeed and take down Goliath.  When you look at Edge SST, just know the brand stands for us, all of us.  Bring back patriotism - "How Big's Your Brave?!"  Edge SST does not aspire to be the largest company in the world; we plan to be one of the best and let the American people define the brand’s greatness with no limitations.
Edge SST Rasta Skateboard
In spite of the current economic conditions or probably because of it;  we feel the time is perfect to launch the next great brand that inspires and motivates people to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.  What better defines the American spirit than spitting in the face of adversity, taking on the giants and bringing the fight to our home turf. We believe in building a brand for the people by the people.

Find the Edge, Keep the Edge, Be the Edge.

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