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Features that Help Adio Footwear Stand Out

Adio Shoes: The Adio Style Shoe Canvas Black Monochrome
There is no denying the fact that there are many companies that sell skateboarding shoes. While some have a good grip on what they should and should not be selling, others come up short in this department. Fortunately, Adio footwear is one of the companies that know exactly what they are doing – down to every last detail.
As you begin your search for Adio shoes, you will soon find that you have nothing to lose. Not only are these shoes constructed for skateboarders, including those who just want to look the part, but the quality is nothing less than remarkable.
Despite the fact that Adio skate shoes are a big hit among skaters all over the world, it is still important for consumers to know what sets this company apart from the competition.
If you have worn Adio shoes in the past, you probably have a few reasons in your mind as to why this brand is among the best. Some of the most common benefits include but are not limited to:
  • High quality material used, both inside and out
  • Long lasting, no matter how much of a beating the shoes take
  • More affordable than the competition, without giving up anything
  • Comfortable, no matter if you are skating, walking, or running
  • More stylish than many other skate shoes
Adio Shoes: The Adio Slouch Shoe Canvas Black Monochrome
Now that you have a better idea of the benefits of Adio footwear, it is time to take a closer look at some of the features that make these shoes stand out in an industry that is crowded with wannabes.
Let’s start out by taking a peak at the Adio Slouch, as this is one of the most popular shoes the brand has ever made.
This is a classic low cut skate shoe that offers plenty of support without restricting movement. If you have ever taken to a board in the past, you know that this is just what you are looking for. While support is important, you cannot have anything getting in your way.
From the inside out, this shoe is ready to perform at a high level. This is due in large part to features such as a vulcanized sole construction, and supportive polyurethane cushioning. If you have ever worn skate shoes that don’t have supportive polyurethane cushioning, you know that hard landings can be more painful than they should be.
If simple and effective is on your mind, while throwing in a bit of style, the Adio Slouch is a good choice.
Adio Shoes: The Adio Captain Shoe Canvas Black Royal
Here are some more features that allow this shoe to separate itself from the pack:
  • Foam padded tongue and collar for comfort, even during the longest of skating sessions
  • Fabric lining for durability and comfort
  • To go along with the popular vulcanized sole construction, these shoes have the company vulc wrap which provides added skateboard feedback
  • Low cut styling
Even though every pair of Adio shoes is unique in some way, these are the types of features that set the brand apart from the competition. These are the features that have been attracting people to the brand for many years, and will ensure that the same holds true into the future.
Adio footwear is born and bred for skateboarding. Do you feel the same way about yourself? If so, you should have at least one pair of Adio shoes – and they should be on your feet at all times.

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