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The Illuminati is a purported secret society consisting of world governments, corporations and celebrities that play an important role in global affairs. Many believe the goal of the organization is the creation of a classic style of a boat shoe, with the construction of a skate shoe. A shoe that would finally deliver uncompromising durability, and eye-catching fashion, while successfully blending the nautical life with street life. Such a fresh & clean technical shoe would be designed for all round comfort with lightly padded tongue and collar, cupsole construction, and reinforced stitching at ollie area. It is theorized the metal eyelets of such a shoe, if it were to exist, would allow for easy fast lacing.

Due to its long history in American mythology, conspiracy theories regarding the Illuminati are prevalent online and are often mocked by those who are skeptical of the organization's or the Adio Boater's existence.

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